#1 OSRS Experience

All the best features of OSRS and Pre-Eoc RS
Newcomers collect 5 Free Mystery Boxes

One of a kind

Ultimate-Ps is a quality RuneScape Private Server built from the ground up using the expertise of RuneScape veterans and the best developers. Our aim is very simple, to provide you with an enjoyable, bug free server that is online 100% of the time.

Best of OSRS and Pre-Eoc

Our server is a mix between the OSRS and Pre-EoC (just before people started to quit RS). We have created a solid RuneScape emulation that makes the best of both worlds but not without our own custom twist.

Strong focus on the economy

One of the best features of the server is the economy. It is very stable without any dupes and there are plenty of ways to unlock new valuable rewards.